Tuesday, June 17, 2008

US has a boring night life

Sometimes I really wonder if Singaporeans are truly pampered. Having stayed in the San Francisco area for almost 2 weeks, I find that the life here at night is truly quite boring. Most shops start to close at 6-7pm. All will close by 9pm. Even at 9pm, its hard to find anything to eat except for selected fast food restaurants.

The negative part is that for everything, you will need to drive, and you might need to drive for some time. Sometimes you'll need to drive like 20miles to meet a friend, then drive back. The area where you stay might not have much amenities, which means that you might have a problem for your daily necessities.

A car over here is not a luxury, but truly a necessity. Without it, you can seriously starve if you live in an obscure location.

So Singaporeans... Stop complaining about the night life in Singapore. I've so far experienced the night life in Australia, US and Japan, and so far, Singapore is still better in terms of variety and convenience.


Anonymous said...

Night life is Hong Kong is good

chantc said...

What I like about HK night life is its night shopping, and Victoria Peak.

Other than Victoria peak, I would say its quite similar to Singapore's night life.

Or maybe because I'm not a pub person...

Anonymous said...

that has to be the dumbest assessment of sf nightlife i have ever read. whatever makes u happy

chantc said...

Each have their own preference of night life. So which part of the night life in sf you think is good? Its good if you can share.

I was there for less than 2 weeks and I might have miss some stuff. I was not there for a holiday

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