Monday, June 2, 2008

Again the time of the year where people leave

Just today, it was official that another of my colleague is leaving. We have worked together for 4 years and he'll be missed. I wish him all the best in his new job.

I guess its normal in Singapore that people leave after a certain time in the company, be it for a change of environment, or a change in working style, change in job scope, etc. In fact, 4 years in a company is considered quite long among my friends.

I've been in my present company for 5 years. Am I immune to this trend? No. I did consider leaving about 2 years ago. That was when I went solo in a project, and I was frustrated with the pressure I get from managing the customers, partners, and the technology. The worst part was because I was in it alone, with no one to help me. It was super frustrating to face the problems alone, and it kinda eats into you.

I seriously considered leaving last year when I was in another project, doing it solo again. Same problem. New technology, new customers, new problems, and only me.

So am I surprised that he left? No... The problem with small companies is that you end up handling many things alone, and you will get pretty stressed up.

The only reason I stayed was because my company has treated me well, despite the work pressure I'm facing. However, the stress is getting too much, even for me. Just recently, I've decided I'm giving myself, and my company one last chance. Strangely enough, I've decided roughly around the same period my colleague decided to leave.

Anyway, I've decided to salvage one of the products in the company and I'm going to do my best to ensure the product is launched by this June. By my 5th anniversary, I want to see something happen. Not only do I wish to grow, I wish the company will grow with me. If the product goes down the drain, I guess its time for me to move on. I've already did my best, but I can only do so much alone.

And now with my colleague going, the pressure is going to be tremendous on me, and I'm not even talking about the new projects coming in.

I hope I made the right choice...

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