Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Singtel iPhone 3G Price Plans are out!

SingTel iPhone Price Plans

Free Incoming Calls Video/Voice Calls All Day

iFlexi Value iFlexi Plus iFlexi Premium
Promotion Subscription $56/mth $95/mth $205/mth
FREE Local Data 1GB* 2GB* 3GB*
FREE Local Calls 200 mins anytime (outgoing) 500 mins anytime (outgoing) 1,500 mins anytime (outgoing)
FREE Local SMS 500 500 1,500
iPhone 3G 8GB $348 $49 $0
iPhone 3G 16GB $508 $208 $0
FREE Value-Added Services
Caller ID1
SMS Plus1
Overseas Missed Call Alert

FREE Wireless Free Wireless@SG 512 kbps
Exclusive Benefits
Top up $5.35 per month for TalkMore3, SMSMore4 or Free Unlimited V019 calls5

Only for customers who connect/recontract to an iFlexi plan before 5th Sep 2008.

As expected, the lowest tier costs about $50+. However, there is 1 big catch in all these iFlexi plans. The data is limited to 1GB, 2GB or 3GB. Refer to the Singtel website here for more info.

I do not understand the rationale of limiting the data to 1GB, other than Singtel trying to earn more money from us. Even in emails, sometimes we get 10s of MB per email a day. Assuming about 20MB email a day. That would be about 600MB taken up. This does not count in-complete emails download due to network problems. Add that in and your quota might all be used up just on emails!

This is a very big disappointment! Another attempt by Singtel to squeeze more money from us. iPhone is touted because of its internet anywhere capability, but the provider actually put a limit to the amount of data transferred from the iPhone! It's not as if the broadband speed of the iPhone is super fast. Ask any 3G user out there and most do not get very fast speeds on the 3G network here.

Boycott and wait for M1 and Starhub to enter into the fray!

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