Sunday, August 3, 2008

Another one bites the dust

I just happened to have time to chit chat with some of my guitar friends yesterday, and realised that another of my IT friend is leaving the IT industry. The trend has been gaining momentum since a few years back.

Now among my friends, I have very few who are still in the IT line. Most have left and switched to another line. To me, I think the top reason why we're leaving IT is because we're not treated like a normal person.

To everyone else, we're the people who:
  1. Do not have a life. Anytime can OT without OT pay.
  2. Can be abused. Everytime there's a problem, its the IT guy's fault, and its always not my fault.
  3. Can be paid minimally because there's always China and India.

Well Singapore, please bear in mind that we're normal people, who wants to live a normal life. I've not watched television for a few years because all my shows are always shown before I reach home. I eat dinner when some people are eating supper almost every weekday!

There will come a time where we'll just all quit and you can find your own people to maintain and build your own IT systems. Heck... Even though an auditor has longer working hours, at least they have much more bonus/pay than us. Our pay is minimal, we sometimes get abused, and everyone thinks we're superman/superwoman who needs little sleep/rest.

This is coming from a person who actually loves IT, and sometimes write programs for the fun of it. I am fast loosing it because of non-IT related reasons. I really hope I still can find reasons for me to be still in this line. After all, I've been designing/programming for more than a decade.

I just hope I don't hit my tipping point.

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Anonymous said...

You can just quit. We will hire FT to replace you at a portion of your cost.

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