Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Singtel to launch iPhone 3G on 22 Aug??

Rumours are everywhere today that Singtel will be launching iPhone 3G this month. Some has even put a date to it. 22 Aug 2008.

According to the MacWorld article here, it would seem that there might some truth to it. Apple has announced that 20 more countries will get the iPhone 3G on 22 Aug. It's no surprise that Singtel is keeping mum on this. Apple has always been launching products in this manner.

Would I switch to Singtel because of the iPhone?? Naaaahhh. Reason is that recently in a Bloomberg article here, M1 and Starhub have also announced that they will be launching the iPhone 3G by the end of this year.

I will wait patiently... :p Or maybe I can start building my Singapore MRT guide for the iPhone.

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