Monday, August 11, 2008

Singtel giving a hint of the upcoming iPhone plans

Updated 19 Aug 2008: Link to the post for Singtel iPhone 3G plans.

Just read a recent article here on Globe Telecom, a subsidary of Singtel, which is launching the iPhone on Aug 22 in the Philipines.

Yes, you've seen it. Aug 22. It's highly likely that if Singtel can launch the iPhone in the Philipines on Aug 22, it should also be able to do so for Singapore. Looking at Apple Singapore website here, you could also see that the Coming Soon word is gone. Coincident? Not likely...

What's interesting for the Philipines is that they are giving a spectrum of plans for the customers. For those who do not want high monthly fees, be prepared to shell out more cash for the iPhone. For those who want the iPhone for free, be prepared to pay more for the monthly plans. This sort of gives an indication of the plans that Singtel might have in store for Singapore.

For Globe Telecom, the cheapest can be USD36 monthly plan for a 8GB model (USD382 for the iPhone), or USD113 monthly plan for a free 8GB model. Even the prepaid subscribers can opt for the iPhone 3G. However, they have to be willing to pay up to USD1,000 on average.

Aug 22 is just next week. Tomorrow Singtel would be releasing their results for the quarter. Therefore, I think its highly likely that they will announce about the iPhone for Singapore tomorrow.

No more guesses, no more rumours. Till tomorrow... (I hope) :)

Click here for the post on the Singtel iPhone 3G plans.

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