Sunday, August 24, 2008

Singtel iPhone 3G is locked (CORRECTED - Not locked)

Updated 27 Aug 2008: Singtel iPhone 3G is not locked to Singtel

Based on my own testing, the Singtel iPhone 3G seems to be locked only to Singtel SIM cards.

Using the Singtel SIM card, the iPhone 3G was able to detect all the other networks. I was able to see the Starhub and M1 cell stations. However, when I put in one of the other telco's SIM card, it just came out with a No SIM notification. I tested it a few times, in case it was the position of the SIM card but the error was still the same. I guess I sort of expected the iPhone will be locked to Singtel.

The Singtel iPhone 3G is not locked to Singtel. I was able to successfully put another Telco's SIM card inside the iPhone 3G. The reason why I thought it was locked to Singtel is because I inserted a non-3G SIM card into the iPhone 3G. Seems like the iPhone 3G only accepts 3G SIM cards.

Will be doing some more 3G testing tomorrow. More like confirming my findings today.

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