Monday, August 18, 2008

Where is the confusion at the checkpoint??

According to the article here, there was mass confusion over at the Causeway yesterday. I actually hopped over to JB for a jaunt on that day and I was there at the checkpoint on Sunday morning.

Coming from the viewpoint of the person taking the bus over to JB, my conclusion is ... ... what confusion??

I've never cleared the checkpoint so quickly before. Most of the people I see just stream towards the counter. There are prominent signs asking them to fill in the arrival card. Cards were easily attainable. All the friends that I were meeting that morning know that we must fill in the white card. I myself know that we can use back the old white card (did not really ask the rest on this point).

So what's the actual conclusion??

The conclusion is that Singaporeans are too lazy to read the local news. If you don't bother to read the local news, don't complain that no one informed you that you need the white card, or that you must have advance notice. I already know about this white card rule last Thursday. It was widely reported.

Simple and straight forward conclusion.

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