Thursday, August 28, 2008

Nothing wrong with the iPhone 3G Antenna

According to the CNet article here, there is nothing wrong with the iPhone 3G antenna. That would mean since there's nothing wrong with the hardware, the problems should be a software problem. In that case, it would be easier for Apple to fix it.

According to my experience in Singapore, I would double confirm that there's nothing wrong with the 3G signal. I could almost get 3G signal (90%) throughout Singapore, as long as I'm above ground. This is quite different from the complaints I read.

Currently, there are still some problems with the iPhone 3G (v2.02):
  1. Calls coming in directly go to voicemail. This is despite me having 2 bars of 3G signal. However, at that point of time, I was doing something in the Notes application. Not sure if its related.

  2. Calls coming in rings for a while, and gets cut off in a span of a few seconds. For this case, my phone was just locked, but I was on the move.

  3. The Contacts icon is fast if you access it the first time. However, each time you access it after the first time, the Contacts will have some lag. This will happen even if you access the contacts from the Mail application. It's definitely not the number of contacts because I currently only have less than 10 contacts in my contact list.

    If you shutdown your iPhone 3G and start it up again, the cycle starts again.

Other than that, the iPhone 3G is a nice phone to own. A different experience, and you should check out the app store! There are many good, and free/cheap applications.

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