Wednesday, July 4, 2012

To advance, must you go up to management level?

One thing I don't quite like is that in certain companies, you have to go up to management level if you wish to advance. If you're a specialist in what you're doing, why can't there be jobs that allow you to advance up in your niche area?

The problem is that not everyone is suited to be management level. Managing of budget, finding opportunities, resolving directional issues. The skill sets are quite different if you're from the operational line units. You may be very good at what you're currently doing and in the management level, you may not be able to excel as much as if you're still doing your previous scope of work. Worst still, it might not be something you're interested in and this will affect your productivity.

However, few companies have career path that allows the specialist to go up far in their niche areas. Sooner or later, they will hit a ceiling, and its regardless if they excel in what they do and may even be irreplaceable. Then these people will start to leave because they may find themselves under-appreciated. Pity...

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