Wednesday, July 18, 2012

All-Russia Exhibition Centre

Managed to visit the All-Russia Exhibition Centre during my Russia trip. The exhibition apparently is a permanent general-purpose trade show in Moscow, and it's located near the VDNKH metro station. Below is the Propylaea - the central gate entrance of the exhibition centre.

the Propylaea
Upon entering the gate, you will be walking along central avenue. Below is the picture of the central pavilion at a distance.

Central avenue and central pavilion
Below is an interesting vending machine that I saw along central avenue. It dispenses pizza!

Pizza vending machine at Central Avenue
Below is the close-up of the central pavilion. The central pavilion actually contains quite a few souvenir shops, and electronics are also sold within the pavilion. You can ask for discounts if you're buying quite a number of souvenirs.

Central pavilion
Below is a picture of the design of the central pavilion.

Below is the final stop for us, the fountain "Friendship of Nations".

Friendship of Nations fountain

There are actually quite a number of buildings surrounding this exhibition site but I guess I was too tired at that time to walk further than the fountain. :) I guess we spent most of our time in the souvenir shops within the central pavilion. Yes, we spent about 2 hours here even though we did not walk finish the full exhibition site. The souvenirs sold here are slightly cheaper than the shop at Arbat street, but that's with a discount, with the help of our dear friend Jeanne. :)

You can find more information on this exhibition centre here.

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