Monday, July 16, 2012

Arbat Street

I visited Arbat Street at Moscow in my Russia trip, which seems to me like the "Orchard Road" of Moscow. Arbat Street is near the Arbatskaya Metro Station and you should be able to see the street after a short walk from the metro.

Arbat Street Name
Arbat Street is a pedestrian street about one kilometer long in the historical centre of Moscow, with many historic buildings and museums surrounding the street, and has numerous artists who lived and worked in the street. Below is a picture of the street, with many artists lining up the street doing sketches of tourists or famous people.

Arbat Street
If you're hungry, you can take a bite at the My My shop. It's affordable and the borsch soup is really good. Do note that the staff does not know English. Below is a picture of the eatery at Arbat street.

My My Eatery
Last but not least, there is a rather unique Hard Rock cafe at Arbat street. Below is a picture of the cafe at Arbat street. 

Hard rock cafe
The clothes in the Hard rock cafe are quite pricey though compared to other countries that I've been to, with the nice ones over 1,000 roubles. However the design of the cafe is quite unique and I had fun climbing up the stairs and taking many photos of the cafe. Below are some of the pictures that I've taken. Unique?

There are also many souvenir shops lining up Arbat street. I believe the more affordable shop that I've been to was situated just beside the My My eatery. You can check it out.

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