Thursday, July 26, 2012

Summer Garden

The Summer Garden is located where the Fontanka River flows out of the Neva River. It was founded in 1704 by order of Peter the Great, who was personally involved in planning it, and is laid out according to strict geometrical principles. The Summer Garden is located next to the Field of Mars, near the Troitskiy Most bridge. The Summer Garden Park remains one of the most romantic and evocative places in St Petersburg, a good place to chill out if you have to be in Russia. Entrance is free by the way. :)

Below are some pictures I've taken of the Summer Garden Park. It's beautiful isn't it?

Picture of fountain before entering the gate

Picture of fountain up front

One of the statues within the park

The fountains and statues within the park

Tea house wooden pavilion

Statue of Ivan Krylov, the great Russian fabulist

Walk down the garden

You can find out more information about the garden here.

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