Sunday, July 15, 2012

Food in Russia

Due to the packed itinerary of my Russia trip, we seldom had time to sit down for a meal so many of our meals consist of wraps / hot dogs such as the pictures below. :)

Chicken wrap that costs about 130 roubles

A wrap that costs about 110 roubles.

Hot dog in Summer palace that costs 160 roubles
We also managed to get proper russian meals every now and then. Below are a few pictures of such rare occasions. :)

This meal costs about 410 roubles, at a shop near the red square

Sumptuous breakfast that costs about 100-110 roubles at Teremok

My My (Mu Mu) meal that costs slightly less than 200 roubles at Arbat Street

A meal at a bistro near the Smolny convent that costs about 330 roubles.

Snacks (bitter lemon, lemon sorbet and danish with lemon at the bookstore cafe singer at Nevsky Prospect

Real Cranberry fruitshake at the bookstore cafe cafe singer at Nevsky prospect
Salad at Eurasia

Jap Terayaki don at Eurasia. A lot of eggs and chicken. :)

Dumplings at Eurasia (Russian like)

Stay tuned for more photos of the attractions in Russia! :)

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