Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Museum of the Great Patriotic War

I've managed to visit the Museum of the Great Patriotic War during my Russia trip. It is near the Kutuzovskaya metro and it's a history museum at Poklonnaya Gora, featuring exhibits and memorials concerning World War II, known in Russia as "The Great Patriotic War".

First thing that I saw when I arrived was this:

View of the Museum of the Great Patriotic War
The centre pillar caught my attention so it's zoom-in time.

Close-up of the centre pillar

At the top is Nike, Goddess of Victory, and figures of angels glorifying Russian arms. Well, I might as well zoom-in as close as possible.

3 angels on top of the centre pillar
Seems like Russia's architects likes to put sculptures on top of the pillars. The amount of detail put into them is amazing though.

Lining up the way to the museum are these small pillars with the dates of world war 2 engraved on it as shown below. They are in Russian though so I'm unsure what is being said.

Once I got closer, I realised that there is a guy on the horse near the centre pillar. Below is a picture of it

The pillar is actually the stone obelisk, which is 1,418m tall. The height symbolizes 1418 days and nights of war time. At the foot of the obelisk there is a statue of Saint George slaying the dragon on a granite pedestal. Below is a close-up of the statue.

Statue of Saint George slaying the dragon
The obelisk is also engraved with scenes of the war. The detail put into it is amazing.
Flanking the obelisk are 2 riders on horses as shown below.

After walking all the way to the entrance of the museum (which is very far), I took a picture of the back of the museum and one of the artillery flanking the entrance of the museum as shown below.

For the fun of it, I went to the back of the artillery and I realised that it's pointing directly at the obelisk. I snapped a photo of it as shown below.

After walking all the way to the museum, I realised that we didn't really had time to go into the museum as we had several places to go. You can find more information on the museum here.

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