Monday, July 16, 2012

Bolshoi Circus

I've managed to visit the Bolshoi Circus at Vorobyovy Hills near the Moscow State University during my Russia trip. The circus is near Vorobyovy Gory Moscow metro station and it is, with its 3,500-seat house and its numerous and specialized facilities, the world's largest circus building. Below is the picture of the circus building.

Bolshoi Circus
Might be due to the weather but I saw many mini rainbows at the fountains near the Bolshoi Circus. Couldn't resist taking a picture of it. :)

Rainbow at the fountain near Bolshoi Circus
Unfortunately, we're not allowed to take photos during the performance. Therefore, I could only take photos before it starts, or during the intermission. The theme of the night was Zorro. :)

Below are the photos that I've managed to take.

The main ring

A stage which can hide a horse and a rider

Top of the ring

After the flying trapeze act

You can find more information on the Bolshoi Circus here.

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