Saturday, July 21, 2012

Kazan Cathedral

The Kazan Cathedral is along the Nevsky Prospect, near the hostel that I was staying during my Russia trip. Kazan Cathedral or Kazanskiy Kafedralniy Sobor, also known as the Cathedral of Our Lady of Kazan, is a cathedral of the Russian Orthodox Church, dedicated to Our Lady of Kazan, probably the most venerated icon in Russia.

I couldn't fit this into the itinerary so I guess I had to make do with photographing the exterior of the building. Below are some of the pictures that I've taken. Enjoy...

Kazan Cathedral from across the road

Left side of the Kazan Cathedral

Attempting an artistic shot of the kazan cathedral

One of the side doors (locked) of the kazan cathedral

One of the sides of the kazan cathedral

1 comment:

Rhinestic said...

Eh.. We did go inside but photography is not allowed..

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