Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Why so many foreign talent??

This is the population of Singapore as of end June:

2003: 3.3669m + .7479m = 4.1148m
2004: 3.4133m + .7534m = 4.1667m
2005: 3.4678m + .7979m = 4.2658m
2006: 3.5259m + .8755m = 4.4014m
2007: 3.5831m + 1.0055m = 4.5886m

The first column of figures are Singaporeans and permanent residents, and the second column are non-residents.

As you can see, the increase of population is shrinking every single year, and this includes permanent residents. Instead, the non-residents population jumped.

What on earth are we working for in Singapore? For the non-residents?? Note that Singaporeans now include both citizens and permanent residents. How about only Singaporeans? I suspect that Singaporeans (Singapore citizens) have been shrinking for a very long time.

There seems to be no special privilege being a Singaporean. The government has always been saying that they need to pay top dollar for the best people to lead the country. Then may I ask, are they paying top dollar for people to live in Singapore, and be a Singaporean. Singapore is nothing without the people!

Budget day is coming. Frankly, judging from the government's "track record", they will always give more incentives to businesses than Singaporeans, in particular to foreign businesses. We seem to be second class within our own country! Sometimes, I think its better if we come in as foreign talent. They seem to be always willing to pay top dollar for these people, but for Singaporeans??

I await the budget day details. I don't foresee anything except maybe a cut of income tax from 20% to 18%, which does not affect the majority of the Singaporeans! In fact, this cut of income tax will in-fact help all the ministers pay less tax!! Widening the income gap again.

Ok, I'm in a bad mood today...

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