Sunday, February 24, 2008

Double Standards at work again!

Just saw a statement made by Mr Mah in CNA:

Mr Mah said: "We have sufficient Budget to be able to continue with our upgrading programmes. At the same time, of course, HDB will have to look at ways in which it can cut the cost, improve the methods, improve the productivity, make sure we cut down on waste."

So it's perfectly alright to raise the salaries of the ministers doing "quality" work, but for other SMEs in Singapore, they will have to look into ways to cut cost, and improve productivity. Does raising productivity include raising salaries??!!?!?!?

Standard PMI. Quality, Cost and Time are all linked. You cut cost, some things will be compromised. This is very standard, and yet, I see this kind of statements being made. I can see distinctly double standards being applied here. Ministers can raise their salaries, but SMEs must keep their salaries competitive, and yet do quality work.

So is budget surplus that good? Is it being done at the expense of our local SMEs?? I believe only "they" have the answer to that.

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