Wednesday, February 6, 2008

China again denying that their weather is due to climate change!!

As usual, the weather people at China chose to deny that climate change has anything to do with their current snow storm.

Their explanation... Cold front was pushed further downwards, and together with La Nina (as usual) caused the bad snow storm.

My question is this... Does this person knows how a cold front is formed?? Fronts are formed when warm air meets cold air. What is the explanation of the cold front being pushed further south? Because the weather likes to be random? Or is it because the interior of China is being warmed up drastically due to their blatant disregard of the environment, thus pushing the cold front further south??

As usual the people like to use La Nina as an excuse. My question is... We have La Nina for hundreds of years. Why this one is so special?? Weather is random again?? Or is there an increase of intensity of La Nina due to climate change??


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