Monday, February 11, 2008

Hokkaido Fresh Seafood Market

This Hokkaido Fresh Seafood Market is one of the places we visited in Hokkaido for my Hokkaido 8day tour. Basically, when you reach the market, you'll see ... ...

Yes. This is the main entrance to the market. For some reasons, you'll always see these 2 symbols when you're going around Hokkaido. Anyway, Hokkaido is popular for its seafood. We basically had our lunch here. The first floor is the place where the market is. The second floor is where we eat.

Some of our tour members actually bought extra seafood, in addition to the standard lunch that we were having. In this market, basically as long as its seafood, its there. Squids, Sea Urchins, Sashimi, Snails, Lobsters, Crabs, etc. I understood that some tour members actually bought crab pincers back to Singapore. I think its from here.

This picture above shows the general area where they prepare the food. There will be someone walking around. You can just order anything extra, and they will serve it to you upstairs, at an extra cost of course.

The following pictures show a small section of the market. For all seafood lovers, you'll like this place.

One thing to note is that the way they eat crabs here are quite clean. You just need a pair of scissors, and some weird contraption that will help you "scratch" all the meat out of the crab. The crab is steamed I think. A crab lover in the tour group did tell me he did not really like it, but I personally find it okay.


the donG said...

say wow to sea food!!! go sashimi!

chantc said...

I knew there are seafood lovers around. :D

The sashimi is fresh. Lobsters too. If you get to go to Hokkaido, you should try their seafood. Abalone and Alaska crab. Very expensive, but its an experience, according to the tour guide.

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