Monday, February 11, 2008

Hard Foam Guitar Case

Just saw a hard form guitar case at Yamaha (PS) over the weekend. Quite sturdy, with 2 straps at the back so you can carry it like a backpack. Whole case is black color, including the insides. Cost about S$90. However if I carry it like a backpack, I will become much "taller". Might not be suitable on public transport. The top part will wear off quite fast if I keep hitting it. :D Hmm...

Still not sure if I want to get it. Oh well... :p Maybe I should hunt around at the other guitar shops first when I have the time.

Darn. Once I say that, that means I'll take forever to do it. :p


ghostguy said...

Can you tell me where you saw the case and how I can contact them? phone, email, web?
I saw one this weekend in Memphis at Folk Alliance but didn't get a close enough look...

chantc said...


Sorry, but I saw the guitar case in Singapore. A place called Plaza Singapura. There's a Yamaha shop there. The guitar case I believe is not from Yamaha, but it was sold in the Yamaha shop. Maybe that is why I couldn't find any information in the Yamaha website.

The other guitar case that I know of is a brand called Maestro. Looks quite sturdy. However, my only contact is again in Singapore.

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