Friday, February 8, 2008

Why satellite based ERP will not work in Singapore

Frankly, has the person who wrote about this satellite based GPS ERP actually used a GPS before? This is based on my experience:
  1. With cloud/tree/buildings cover, its almost impossible to get your GPS reading of your actual location
  2. Even shooting across land, you need a straight line of sight for the best signal. Even then, if there's a thunderstorm, or some metal obstructions, your signal strength will be greatly reduced, and it becomes unreliable
  3. Signal may also over-spill if the area is situated near each other. Now you understand why for some buses you cannot use your ezlink card until you reach the bus stop? That's because they are afraid of signal overspill!

To my understanding, up to now there's no solution to this because this is the way signals get propagated. Wonder why satellite broadband has never taken off? Why people do not use it exclusively and still rely on cables? Heck... I do not even think my wireless network is reliable.

Even then, the GPS would suck a lot of power because its constantly trying to establish contact with the satellite. It might even drain your car battery if you're stuck in an underground carpark.

GPS??? Another recommendation by people who do not even use the technology! If it does takes off, then I suggest everyone start looking at their bills very carefully, and track which area you've been to. Most probably, they might charge you if you're just passing by another flyover, or you'll get double-charged due to signal loss.

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