Sunday, February 24, 2008

Whirlwind concerts have finally "ended" for now

The whirlwind concerts have finally "ended" for now. I would say I did not really screw up, except for the fact that I let the door bang against my guitar. Ouch... I would say the concert was pretty good. At least hearing from the backstage. :D

There are few things which I learned though from this concert.
  1. Warm up your hands before you perform. Its critical. My hands were practically frozen before the concert started.
  2. One should not schedule solo pieces back to back (even solos with the ensemble/small group). Possibility of screw-ups is higher because of switching between pieces.
  3. I still think that the drums sometimes overpower the guitar orchestra. They are too loud, and can be picked up by the condenser mikes. It's hard to do miking with it because guitar is not really a loud instrument. You cannot increase the miking volume because of the feedback generated by the percussions.

This year feelings are similar to last year. Missed being in the main ensemble, missed being able to interact with the other guys and gals, and missed playing solo pieces. Since the last time I played Koyunbaba, I have not touched a single solo piece after that. Ditto for any small groups. I think I'm gradually getting withdrawal syndrome. :(

Even if my condition allows me to join back the main ensemble, work is gradually eating into all my available time. Its unfair if I go into a concert unprepared. Based on my current schedule, it's already tight trying to fit in Expose. Nevertheless, I will still try to schedule my time accordingly.

Ok, going off to watch L. Hopefully have some time to get a guitar tuner, and hunt around for a foam guitar case that one could carry around like a backpack (other than Yamaha). I wonder if I'm stretching myself too thin. I do not even have time to play NWN 2, which I just bought recently. I do not even want to think about what's going to happen tomorrow.

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