Sunday, February 24, 2008

Finally got a Fzone Chromatic clip-on tuner

Finally managed to go to Maestro at Esplanade. Got myself a Fzone Chromatic tuner FT-800 for $28. It allows you to tune based on the vibrations from the guitar. Fairly accurate. It allows A4 tuning calibration from 420Hz to 460Hz, and flat tuning.

There is another type of tuner called the J&H JH3000C. That tuner has an additional in-built Metronome and some pitching function which I presume is for acapella. That one sells for $36. Didn't get that as I do not need that many features. I just need a quick and fast way to tune my guitar. Works like a charm. No more tuning fork for me. :p

I also had a chance to ask about the hard foam guitar case. Seems like they sell the CC-150 (Deluxe) for $99.90, that is meant for the classical guitar. It has straps behind that allow you to carry it like a backpack. However, I believe that there is a CC-1500N (Standard) which cost only $69.90, but I didn't see it anywhere. Its not mentioned in the catalogue from the shop too. Weird. If only the CC-150 is available, that means the Yamaha one is cheaper.

Anyway, won't be getting a guitar case so soon. My present one is still working, I hope. It's also good workout for my hands. :p

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