Monday, October 17, 2011

Belvia @ Bedok

Looks like the developers are clearing whatever DBSS land that they have bought before the stop of the sale of the DBSS land. A new DBSS site was launched at Bedok. I will not repeat what I have written in my other posts on DBSS. You can refer to my Centrale 8 post here, Adora Green post here, Parc Lumiere post here, The Peak post here, my Natura Loft post here, my Park Central post here, and my CityView post here.

DBSS @ Bedok has been named Belvia, and is located at the junction of Bedok Reservoir Road and Bedok Reservoir Crescent. The indicative price is $570 psf. Estimated pricing and configuration are as follows:

3 room66-67 sqm
(102 units)
from $405,000

66-67 sq m: A/c Ledge; Living Room w/ Balcony
4 room85-87 sqm
(209 units)
from $521,500
85 - 86 sq m: A/c Ledge; Living Room & Master Bedroom
w/ Balcony
87 sq m: A/c Ledge; Living Room & Master Bedroom
w/ Balcony or Living Room & Bedroom w/ combine Balcony
5 room105-109 sqm
(177 units)
from $644,000
105 sq m: A/c Ledge; Study; Living Room & Bedroom w/combine Balcony and Master Bedroom w/ Balcony

109 sq m: A/c Ledge; Study; Living Room & Dining Room w/combine Balcony and Master Bedroom w/ Balcony

You can take a look at the floor plans here.The flat is still small compared to the normal HDB especially the kitchen although it is the longish kind of design. I find it quite interesting that the bomb shelter is actually in the kitchen for some of the floor configurations. According to the map, this place is good only if you like to overlook the reservoir, and if you have a car as it is quite near the PIE (Bedok Reservoir exit).

The Centrale8 post includes some of the calculations I did to see if it fits into my affordability matrix so I will not repeat it here. Compared to the Centrale8, the 3-room and 4-room's pricing (using indicative pricing) is comparable with the exception of the 5 rooms, which is much cheaper than Centrale8. However, there is one big difference between Centrale8 and Belvia. Belvia is nowhere near ANY MRT station, a big minus for me since I'm quite reliant on it for my transport. Furthermore, it is right next to the Damai and Bedok West Pri School. Noisy? You bet, not to mention the morning and evening jam every school day.

Personally, I only think the 5 room flats are okay. Nothing to shout about but acceptable. The rest is quite pricy but then again, it depends if you value overlooking the Bedok Reservoir. I would have thought that they will reduce the price of DBSS after the big Centrale8 hoo ha but apparently, they did not.

I guess we can only vote with our wallets. but judging from the 200 applicants submitted on the first day, I guess Singaporeans are just too rich. Half a million for a small 4 room HDB flat and people can still afford it. Maybe I'm underpaid.

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