Sunday, November 2, 2008

Natura Loft @ Bishan

Happened to glance at the papers few days back and realised that the Bishan DBSS is open for balloting. The difference between this DBSS and others is that there is surprisingly little information that I could find related to it. In fact, the most details that you can find is in the news highlights. Even in the QingJian Realty website here, you are unable to find more details of the DBSS. You cannot even find the pricing in their website!

I will not repeat what I have written in my other posts on DBSS. You can refer to my Park Central post here, and my CityView post here. The CityView post includes some of the calculations I did to see if it fits into my affordability matrix.

DBSS @ Bishan has been named Natura Loft, and is located at Bishan Street 24. The balloting is already opened at their website since 31 Oct 2008, and the pricing of the flats is at an average of $450psf to $570psf. The pricing and configuration are as follows:

4 room95 sqm$465,000 to $586,000Master Bedroom w/out Planter

Master Bedroom w/ Planter
5 room120 sqm$600,000 to $739,000Master Bedroom w/out Planter, study near the main door

Master Bedroom w/ Planter, study near the main door

Master Bedroom w/out Planter, study near the bedroom

Master Bedroom w/ Planter, study near the bedroom

The reason why the psf seems to be lower is due to the size of the flats. It's also touted to be an eco-friendly project, with bamboo flooring for it's bedrooms, bay windows and energy-saving inverter aircon. Planters are quite common in their flat configuration.

Similarly to other DBSS, the area includes a pavilion, BBQ pits, children's playground, fitness centre (including for the elderly), and landscape gardens. According to the map, it's just in-between Whitney Secondary School and Catholic High School. Bishan North Shopping Mall is also within walking distance.

Personally, I do not like this DBSS offering because:
  • I felt that it is a tad too expensive based on the current perks, bearing in mind that HDB flats have a $8,000 household income cap. Even though the flats are at 95sqm or 120sqm, the space is actually wasted by planters and balconies. Minimally, each configuration will have a balcony and a planter. Without the planters and balcony, the flats would have been much more worth it.

  • I do not like the location. Contrary to all the cover pictures I see for Natura Loft, it is not next to Junction 8, or Bishan MRT. In fact, according to the map, I would think it's about a 15mins walk away from the MRT. The nearest shopping mall should be Bishan North Shopping Mall.

  • It's too near to Whitney and Catholic High. Living near these 2 schools will mean that at around 7am to 8am, the roads around that area will be super congested, considering that the road leading to the DBSS is also shared by the 2 schools.
Comparably with that kind of pricing, I would prefer Park Central which is more affordable, and with better location and facilities.

I still do not understand why HDB introduce DBSS when the current executive condo (EC) scheme should have fit the role of DBSS. The household income cap for EC is capped at $10,000, which gives more room for the developers to add in frills, and for the customers to do their budget. Now, the developers are trying to differentiate their DBSS, but sometimes forgetting that there's a $8,000 household income cap.

With the current recession, I'm not surprised if it's not even half-sold. Will DBSS go towards the fate of EC? I think so. HDB should have just revamped the EC scheme.

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chantc said...

I was around Bright Hill Drive last night and I realised that this DBSS is actually quite near that area.

Meaning... The roads will be jammed around that area during festive seasons, or when mourning rites are conducted.

Reminds me of Boon Keng, which is also near Singapore Casket. However, at least the roads around Singapore Casket is still quite broad.

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