Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Patterns that only I can see

Sometimes I really feel so frustrated at myself on why people do not understand the point I'm driving at.

I have a habit of looking at things differently from everyone. The way I look at problems is not common because I look at patterns. It has however been quite accurate and effective. Problems come in certain patterns, and certain patterns have similar solutions. My problem comes when I warn people of the problems ahead. Problems that have not yet happened, but I see a high posibility of it coming true. They will naturally think I'm talking nonsense or something, and refuse to heed what I say. Then what I said happens.

The problem with this? I warn people of it because most of the time it's outside of my power to resolve it if it has went down that path. Before the problem comes, I might have a solution to it.

Sometimes I really feel frustrated on why things happen even though I have warned long ago not to go down that path. Problems do not resolve by itself.

I'm so tired... Why do I even bother.

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