Sunday, November 23, 2008

Japan's Family Planning Measures

Finally I saw some concrete policies being made out on the aspect of family planning. Not those half-baked ones which our government kept coming out with. The ones that might truly turn the clock.

The so-called perks that our government kept churning out does not resolve the root problem. Actually, there are 2 root problems. Time and Stress. Tell me... If you go back everyday at 10+pm, and your stress level kept high because your boss kept saying you're not efficient enough, will you even think about family planning??

Obviously no... But apparently those people up there will not acknowledge this problem. You can't have your cake and eat it. Something has to give and Japan seems to have finally saw the light. The shrinking population is much more of a major concern than the so-called productivity (I see it more like kiasuism than productivity).

So what did one of the Japanese companies do?
  1. Workers are forbidden to work on weekends
  2. Must get permission if you need to stay past 7pm everyday
  3. Posted signs in office listing eight ways to go home earlier

I like what the deputy manager of Tokyo-based National Quality of Life Group said:

People are the country's resource. To sustain our standard of living it's important to stem the contraction in population.

No mention of importing the problem away... Now this is addressing the root problem.

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