Monday, November 10, 2008

Is it because of the EXP45 strings?

I've just changed all my strings yesterday to the D'Addario EXP45 normal tension strings. I've been using the normal D'Addario strings previously, which costs about half as much as the EXP45.

I do not know if its the price or there's something wrong with my ears, but for some reason, I felt that with these new strings:
  1. The sound seems to be louder.
  2. The sound seems to be more clear.
  3. It seems to be easier to do runs.

The 3rd point is the weird part. Somehow, I found that my runs seem to flow better after I changed the strings. In fact, I do not think I have run so fast before with my guitar.

Hmm... Is it the strings? Or am I just too tired from work and I'm having delusions? Either case, I recommend the EXP45 strings. The sound really seems to be louder and clearer than the normal string.

Well, in a way it has to... It costs twice as expensive as the normal strings. :p Now I only have to wait for my strings to stop detuning itself. :)

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