Sunday, November 2, 2008

Largest Solar Park in Singapore

Just been to the largest solar park in Singapore today at the Marina Barrage. Basically, the solar park has 405 solar panels covering 1,200sqm. It generates 70kW of electricity which is used for indoor lighting and power points within the Marina Barrage.

The park itself only covers a very small portion of the roof-top at the Marina Barrage. Just imagine if 3/4 of the roof is covered with the panels and how much energy it can generate. I hope this will kick off more instances where solar panels are installed on the roof of the buildings. I always find it a big irony that the country closest to the equator is not doing anything with all the free sun rays that is shinning on us every single day.

Below are some photos of the solar park.

Starting of the solar park

Rows of solar panels

Close-up of the solar panels

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