Saturday, July 19, 2008

Park Central @ AMK

Updated 21 Jul 2008: Added the ballot website link
Updated 6 Aug 2008: Number of applications
Updated 16 Apr 2009: Update about balconies and planters

Long ago I've mentioned that I prefer the AMK DBSS to Boon Keng because its more centrally located. Just today, there was an update on it. Apparently, they are going to launch it this coming Wednesday. However, up to now, I'm unable to find the link for this DBSS registration. Anyway, just a short write up to close the loop. :)

DBSS @ AMK will be named Park Central. It is located at Ang Mo Kio Street 52. Click here for the map of the area from HDB. What I like about this area is that:
  1. It's near the AMK Central. Plenty of stuff there which is value for money
  2. It's near the Ang Mo Kio Town Garden and AMK MRT.
  3. Ang Mo Kio Town Garden should block off the noise from the MRT so you will not be affected by the sounds from an overhead MRT station.

I've previously written a post about CityView here. Now for a comparison between CityView and Park Central prices:

City ViewPark Central
3 room: $349,000 to 394,000
4 room: $523,000 to 597,000
5 room: $536,000 to $727,000

4 room: $400,000 to $500,000
5 room: $600,000 to $670,000
Loft: $580,000 to below $700,000

True to their word, Park Central @ AMK has priced the flats at an average of $490 to $500 psf. I like the 4 room pricing though. The range of the prices for Park Central is also comparable to a unit at the central area, like Toa Payoh. It will also have condo-style fittings such as built-in wardrobes, kitchen cabinets, air-conditioning systems, timber flooring and planter boxes. There are also jogging paths and BBQ pits on the roof-top garden above the carpark. Using this as a comparison, it would seem that Park Central will be more value for money than the HDB flats built by HDB.

What's also different from the other DBSS is that they have 20 loft units which have higher ceilings of 3.6m, compared with the typical 2.6m height. I wonder if they are copying the idea from the Loft @ Punggol.

Like all other DBSS, the $8,000 household income limit will still be there. With regards to my own affordability calculation, you can refer back to my Boon Keng post. I don't think I can afford it though, unless I change to a more stable job.

I wonder if this is the future of DBSS. Renovated HDB flats that will allow you pay for the cost of renovations through CPF. If this is so, then I would say Park Central is setting a good example of affordable HDB flats with acceptabe furnishings for the higher end of the $8,000 household income households.

However, its too early for me to say that its a real good deal because up to now, I have no access to any information regarding Park Central. Even a visit to United Engineers website here reveals nothing about it. For those who are interested in emailing them, you can refer to the DBSS website here.

I would keep my eye open, just for the fun of it. :)

Update 1: I've found the link to the official balloting website for Park Central here. Happy balloting... :)
Update 2: Over 2300 applications were made, which is about 4 times unsubscribed. The applicants have already been screened for their eligibility before they apply. There were also over 23000 visitors to their showflats. I see a high take-up rate for this DBSS, especially their 4 room flats.
Update 3: Realised from The Peak that there seems to be a trend of balconies and planters. I've double checked the floor map for Park Central and it seems like they have it too. Personally to me, that's a big minus. That means I'm playing for space that I can hardly use. For a 4 room flat, it's not really worth it because your small space will be further restricted.


Rhinestic said...

......................... I still think it's too expensive...............................................

chantc said...

considering the current price of a new TPY HDB flat, I don't think its that overpriced. After all, remember its also near the AMK Interchange.

Anyway, I found that ballot link for Park Central. Abit slow.

chantc said...

As expected, park central is more than 70% sold out. All 4 room, and penthouses are sold out.

Anonymous said...

Actually its not really near the AMK Interchange. Have tried walking?

chantc said...

From the map, I think if you walk by the road, it's just behind the park. I would say a 10-15mins walk.

Acceptable to me. :p

Anonymous said...

Actual it only 7-8 min walk cut accross the hdb flat.:)

chantc said...

Depends on how fast you walk. :)

Anonymous said...

Actual the price for AMK HDB flat around the central is around this price.:)

Anonymous said...

ParkCentral Fully Sold Out.:)

Anonymous said...

congrats. Now you have a BTO 50m from you.

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