Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Eating in California

Updated 29 Jul 2008: The steak house I went to is Ruth's Chris, not Roth's.

Just a couple of places I thought worth mentioning during my recent US trip. :)
  1. IN-N-OUT Burger

    Everytime I see it, it seems to be near a MacDonald. :) Anyway, its popular for its Double Double burger. The burger, and the fries are fresh and tasty. Fast food pricing... Click here for the menu.

  2. Fish Market

    I love the grilled red snapper. Tasty and affordable, with a very good view of the area too. Refer to my post on the iPhone rant with a picture. That picture was taken at the back of the restaurant. If I recall correctly, we ate somewhere near Santa Clara. The service is not bad too. Click here for the menu.

  3. Amardillo Willys

    If you're a ribs person, go for it. I'm not really into ribs but I would say I pretty much enjoyed the Famous Baby Back Ribs. Delicious, and affordable too. If I recall correctly, we ate somewhere near Santa Clara. The service is great! Click here for the menu.

  4. Shalimar Indian & Pakistan Food

    If you like Indian food, this is the place to go. Affordable, and it tastes real good. The tandoori chop and boti. Yum yum... :) There are a few shops around. One is in San Francisco, and another that I know of is at Sunnyvale. Good Indian food, and frequented by many Indians too. Click here for the menu.

  5. Ruth's Chris

    Okay, this is a rather expensive place. I was told that you need to reserve way in advance to be able to get a seat. You will get first class service here, with good recommendations on what to drink and eat. I shared a Porterhouse for Two with a colleague. The meat was tender and juicy. So far I think it's one of the best steaks I've eaten. Click here for the menu.

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