Saturday, July 5, 2008

Fisherman's Wharf

Fisherman's Wharf is a popular tourist attraction in San Francisco. Think Clarke Quay... :)

We have reached there close to evening so we did not really explore the whole area. There is a submarine moored nearby which you could optionally pay to go on-board I think. Some pictures below:

Submarine Tour

Submarine, with Alcatraz in the background

The island you see on the right of the submarine above is the famous Alcatraz. There are several ferry tours you can take around Fisherman's Wharf that takes you to the golden gate bridge, and the famous prison island. It ranges from USD10 to USD30 for a ferry tour. However, to step into Alacatraz, according to the locals, you'll need to pre-book the tickets as it is quite popular. You better prepare warm clothings and a windbreaker if you're going for the ferry tour. It is very very cold out there. :) Below is a picture I took of Alcatraz. Will have a separate post later for all the random pictures I took. :)


Near the area where you can see Alcatraz, you cannot miss Pier 39. Its quite a popular place because of the Sea Lions that like to rest themselves on the pier itself. Below is a picture of the pier:

Sea Lions at Pier 39

The area behind pier 39 also has many shops, including a shop opened by Forrest Gump, called Bubba Gump. It sells mainly shirts, hats, souveniers, and many pictures of the actual Forrest Gump. There are many shops behind Pier 39, and you can spend alot of time there.

Some pictures that I took around Bubba Gump:

Bubba Gump shop

Bubba Gump wanna-be, anyone?

I had my dinner at a Sourdough shop opposite the Wax Museum I think. Did not really go there to take a look. The clam chowder I had looks remarkably like the Old Chang Kee curry loaf, except that it instead contains clam chowder. :) Some pictures below of the area where I ate:

Sourdough shop

Sourdough with many interesting shapes


Personally, I was full after eating it. Maybe because I like the Sourdough and I ate quite a lot of it. My other colleagues however went out for a supper later that night because they were hungry. :p

How does Sourdough tastes like?? Well... Sour. :D
I find that it matches well with the clam chow though.

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