Saturday, July 26, 2008

iPhone 2.0 problems and fixes

Seems like the Internet is alive with some of the problems the iPhone 2.0 has. So far I've only seen 2 major problems:
  1. iPhone 2.0 for both 2.5G and 3G drops off connection randomly. A similar 2.5G/3G phone using the same carrier has better signal than the iPhone 2.0. Apparently, this happened all over the world and its not isolated to US AT&T.

  2. Some users have reported sluggish behaviour from the iPhone Contacts list when they had 1000 over contacts. Apparently, you will experience some slowness the moment you access your contacts, no matter if you're in Mail, or directly accessing the contacts list.

So far these are the major problems I've seen that many users are facing. There are more rumours with regards to new versions and patches:
  • iPhone v2.01 has been spotted by some people when they looked through their server logs. Seems like some patches might be on the way, hopefully with regards to the problems the users are facing now.

  • iPhone v2.1 also seems to be in beta testing.It seems to have some copying and pasting capability, and the location based API has been expanded, which hints that it might support turn by turn navigation. That means in-car GPS using the iPhone? Push notification API has also been added in. This is suppose to be out by September, according to a promise made previously.

    However this iPhone 2.1 beta doesn't seem to be compatible with the current App Store. Maybe that's why it has only been released to developers and its in beta.

I hope that when Singtel release the iPhone, it would have all these patches, and the dropping connection problem should at least be resolved. The dropping connection problem will be a real pain.

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