Tuesday, July 22, 2008

DL reviews of phones below standard!!

I almost wanted to laugh out when I read Digital's Life (DL) review of some phones. I believe they might have misunderstood something. I'm interested in buying a phone, not a camera. So what on earth are they harping on that stupid 5MP camera that the phone has???

There was no mention of:
  • Battery life
  • Talk time hours (real)
  • Standby hours (real)
  • Clarity of conversation
  • WAP/3G performance
  • Phone accessories

All those that's important about the phone, there was not even a mention of it. Instead they kept harping on how grainy the photo is in indoors. Hello!! If I'm interested in a camera, I will buy a camera, not a phone!

Sometimes I do wonder why I bother to read the phone reviews in DL... Maybe just to get a few laughs.

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