Monday, October 3, 2011

Look out for Kouk Leong Jin

 A fourth-year Duke-National University of Singapore Graduate Medical School student, Singaporean Kouk Leong Jin, is believed to be missing in Athens, Greece since the night of 27 Sep 2011. Singapore's Ministry of Foreign Affairs have been informed and they are working with the Greek authorities to find him. You can find more information in the Today's News here.

He stated in his last known e-mail that he may be visiting one of the Greek Islands or try some mountain climbing. If you've seen him or know his whereabouts, please respond to this Facebook page that was specially created to locate him.


Anonymous said...

It depresses me the police have ruled out the islands. Please leave no area uncombed.
I am certain he did head there considering the fact he is an outdoor person.

Anonymous said...

I agree, especially since he told his wife that he was interested in visiting the islands to climb mountains. Please I hope they find him alive and well!

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