Thursday, May 8, 2008

Upgrading Windows XP SP3 in Bootcamp

For those who wish to upgrade your Windows XP to SP3, please download Bootcamp v2.1 from the Apple Software Update in your bootcamp partition, or from Apple website here. Bootcamp v2.1 is essential in order to upgrade to Windows XP SP3 in Bootcamp.

Sad to say that I think this is only for Leopard users. I do not think those still using Tiger can upgrade to SP3, if you're using bootcamp. It might be different if you are using VMWare Fusion or Parallels. This you have to check with the respective vendors.

You can refer to this post here on where to download the Windows XP SP3 service pack. The service pack works for both Home and Professional edition. I have installed on both and frankly, there is only a very slight performance increase.

Do take note however that the service pack will auto-enable some services which you might have disabled. I know of only 2. One is the Security Center, and the other is Windows Firewall. Both of which I do not use because I use Zone Alarm. :) There might be more.

So far I've not encountered any adverse effects from installing SP3. Everything is still working... ... so far. ;)

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