Sunday, May 4, 2008

Stupid DBS ATM Machine!

Was withdrawing money yesterday from the DBS ATM machine. That stupid machine just refuses to give me my money in $10 notes.

For normal POSB ATM machines, it will say that it does not have any small notes, and ask if you want to withdraw more. Not for DBS ATM machine. At least the one I was using at P.S. It just gives you a quick error message that flashes in and out in less than a sec, and it ejects your card. That's stupid!!

In the end, I finally caught a glimpse of the an error message. Something about transaction error or something. The weird part is that if it is a transaction error, I should not be able to withdraw bigger amounts.

So who are they trying to smoke??

1 comment:

xyz said...

I wanted to transfer money from my saving account to another saving account. Until the display show fix deposit (min $1000-if I am not wrong) and $0 amount , there are option if correct and if incorrect. After I push "if correct button" the machine reject my card.I called to the customer service line, and she (a lady) tell me that it should not be a problem (something like that) then I tried again, it still remained the same, then I called again, He (a guy) said there was a problem with the machine.He suggested to try using another machine. After that, I tried several machines, and I still could not transfer the money. So, I called to the customer again, and she (another lady) said there was a problem with the system. So, try

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