Sunday, May 11, 2008

Gen X, Y, Z??

Recently there was an article in the newspapers on Gen Y and the so-called definition. I think I'm stuck right in the middle of no-man's land, so I call myself Gen XY, the neglected. :D

However, I think this attempt of generalisation is just some marketing gimmick to attract people to certain products and services. I myself will only categorise into 3 broad categories:
  1. Young Generation
  2. Prime Generation
  3. Old Generation

The definition of generation will always evolve because of new technology, innovations, and thinking. Therefore, even if you use all the 26 letters in the alphabet, you will end up re-using the letters again.

The young generation will always be in the forefront of new and uncharted territory. This is the generation I would think that the marketing gimmicks are trying to target. New, exciting, fun, willing to try new things, etc. I would put this generation roughly from 0 - 29 years old.

The prime generation (purely my own naming convention) is the generation where people finally has to work to live, and where the realities of life will hit them. This is also the period where you're in the prime of your life. Family, Career, Traveling, etc. This generation I feel would be more down-to-earth, realistic, and more conscious of their actions. Due to the multiple commitments, their priorities will also differ. I admit though some people belong to the young prime generation, where they try to juggle both. :D But seriously, I would think that sooner or later, they will have to choose one. I would put this generation roughly from 30 - 55 years old.

The old generation... No need to introduce. That's where you'll have to slow down. This is nothing to do with discrimination, but more of a biological reason. Cells have a finite lifespan. :D This generation varies, depending on how much you have saved for your retirement. Some of them could live a comfortable life, doing things that like. Some has to work for a living. Some will combine the previous 2 reasons, but they work for fun instead of working for a living. I hope I will belong to this category. I've always told my other half I will really like to go busking when I retire. :)

Nevertheless, marketing gimmicks always try to create new buzzwords to attract people. To me, its just more of the different stages in life.

I was just remarking to my friends last night that I seriously do not understand why people are crazy over the donuts (there's a donut craze going on here). The moment I see (or pass by) the shop, I seriously feel like vomiting. All the cream on top. Yucks... The only donut I would eat is the chocolate donut. My friends agree with me.

I believe the answer might lie in the so-called "generation gap". :)

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