Friday, May 16, 2008

Re-activating Windows Firewall after installing SP3

It has come to my notice that in some computers, the Windows Firewall is unable to startup after Windows XP SP3 is installed. It seems that the Windows Firewall will refuse to start, giving some access denied error. Apparently, this problem will not allow you to share files across the network, even though you could before you've installed SP3.

I did not encounter such a problem with my Dell, or MacBook Bootcamp. However, I have helped fixed such a problem. Just do the following:
  1. Goto Start > Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Services
  2. Right-click on Windows Firewall, and click on Properties
  3. Click on the Log On tab
  4. Click on the radio button: This account, and type your Administrator user ID and password (Confirm it).
  5. Click on Apply, and OK
  6. Reboot.

If your Windows Firewall is set to automatically startup, it should now automatically startup. So far, this worked on an Asustek notebook.

Hope this helps...

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