Thursday, May 1, 2008

Transferring Bootcamp partition from a removable harddisk

Updated 3 May 2008: Bootcamp 2.1 update

I have recently upgraded my Tiger to Leopard by installing a new harddisk. You can refer to my experience in this post. One of the most irritating portion of the transferring of settings is the bootcamp partition.

The Leopard settings transfer is only for the Mac OS, not for the Windows partition. Therefore, if you need to do transfer your bootcamp partition over, its not just a simple case of copying the files over and walla, it'll work.

These are the steps to transfer the Windows Bootcamp partition without re-installing every single application (Assuming your Windows partition is FAT32) :
  1. Activate your Bootcamp software to partition and format your harddisk for the Windows OS.
  2. When prompted to insert the Windows CD, just click on the button that allows you to install later.
  3. Reboot and hold down the option key to activate the boot menu.
  4. Insert your Windows XP SP2 CD and click on it to boot up.
  5. Follow the instructions. Ensure that you reformat the partition you have carved out using bootcamp. A quick format will do.
  6. It should reboot after copying some files. Upon reboot, you should go directly to the Mac OS automatically.
  7. Use finder to view the new partition. You should see a Windows directory and some files inside.
  8. Delete the Windows directory and clear the Mac trash.
  9. Plug in your removable harddisk with your old bootcamp partition and copy everything except the files that already exist within your new bootcamp partition. Do not replace any files, especially those files in the main directory (root directory).

That's all to it, and it took me almost 2 days to figure it out. :( Almost everything worked. The only problem I had was that the ZoneAlarm settings disappeared for me, so I had to reconfigure that.

Note that for Leopard users, reboot to your Windows partition and run the Apple update. There is a Bootcamp v2.1 update.

Beats re-installing every single thing. Hope this is useful...

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