Sunday, May 18, 2008

WorldWide Developers Conference 2008

It has been confirmed. In the first half of June, I will be making a trip down with my 2 bosses to San Francisco for Apple's annual WorldWide Developers Conference (a.k.a WWDC) 2008. Main reason is because after many years of architecting and developing in Java, .Net, Oracle Portal and Sharepoint, I am moving on to the Mac, also known as XCode.

There are 3 tracks in WWDC 2008:
  1. iPhone Development
  2. Mac Development
  3. Usage of Mac's products in the enterprise environment

High possibility that the highly anticipated 3G iPhone will be released during the conference. Apple also has a tendency to surprise people with the unexpected during the conference.

Anyway, will try to snap some photos here and there, and write a bit on the "conference culture" in the US. I've been to conferences in Singapore and China and so far, the only one I liked is the SunTech Days held in Singapore. The one that I did not like was the Oracle OpenWorld in Shanghai.

Temperature seems to range from 10 to 20 degrees celcius in the first half of June. Day time should be around 18 degrees according to the averages. However, it seems that San Francisco is a little warmer than average, according to the past few days temperature readings.

From my past experience in conferences, it's going to be super tiring, and I'm not including the long flight to San Francisco.

Oh well... At the very least it should be an eye opener. However, the weird thing is that I do not seem to be excited for this trip. I'm more worried about the projects I'm leaving behind temporary. Sigh...

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