Thursday, April 17, 2008

Windows XP SP3 out by 28 Apr 2008

Updated 22 Apr 2008: Date of release of the SP3 for download is 29 Apr 2008 (Source - MS)
Updated 7 May 2008: Location of SP3 download at Microsoft

According to leaked sources here, Windows XP SP3 will be released on 21 Apr 2008 to manufacturers and volume license customers, and 28 Apr 2008 29 Apr 2008 to the rest. From 10 Jun 2008, the service pack will be forced upon the user through the automatic update.

The wait has finally ended. I just hope the increase in speed is real. However, even without the service pack 3, XP Professional still beats Vista, in terms of speed and usability.

This leaked news have not been confirmed by Microsoft though. The only thing Microsoft can confirm is that SP3 will be released in the 1H08. Microsoft XP SP3 is finally released at Microsoft Techcenter.

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Computer Support said...

Yes it was some thing of a lot concern as the complete domain of users of XP fan following are looking forward to some thing that can make them compete with the digg out’s of Vista..

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