Friday, April 4, 2008

Fernando Sor Grand Solo

William Kanengiser's Grand Solo... The temptation... However, I do not think I can fit learning this into my schedule. Sometimes I really envy the students, where they have so much time. :(


Anonymous said...

hellooo :) cheryl here! dropping by to say hi :P erh. students got a lot of time meh? hahaa. i'm dying laaa :( neverending things to do :(

cheryl :)

chantc said...

Hi cheryl. didn't know I have lurkers in my blog. :p

Anyway, maybe I'm suay but comparing my time in school and now, I most definitely have more time in school than at work, and that is taking account that I was in the committee in my final year of study. So umm... Maybe its just that i'm suay loh. :p

Anonymous said...

-lurks around-

oh no is work really that terrible? :S lucky i still have 3+ years left in school then :P actually, i don't know where all my time goes haha :P

chantc said...

That's why I say its heng suay one. I learned alot, but as a result I'm over stressed.

Better appreciate your schooling days. :)

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