Thursday, April 24, 2008

Family Day Out

Seems like there is going to be an official Family Day Out. According to what I understand, it will be on every 4th Saturday in May, starting from this year (2008). It will also be known as the National Family Celebrations day I think.

For this year, there will be 15,000 free tickets to be given out for rides on the Singapore Flyer/DuckTour/RhinoTour/HippoTour. There are also special packages for Singapore Zoo, Night Safari and Jurong Bird Park.

Conditions? Of course... This is Singapore.
  1. 2 adults
  2. at least 1 child below 13 years old, or elderly above 55 years old

More information at National Family Celebrations website.

My only problem. Its on a Saturday! Thats the day where I have the most stuff to do, rushing for practices and meet-ups here and there. :( Why can't they make it on a Sunday or something? Or declare Friday a holiday...

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