Monday, April 28, 2008

Mac seems to have reached a tipping point

Would the year 2008 be the year of where the Macs take over the world?? :)

I exaggerate but judging from the rumours coming out of the grapevine, it seems many people have been switching to the Mac, and I include big MNCs. Rumours are flying that IBM is now switching people to the Mac (they have a small group of 100 beta testers), and the most recent one is switching 4000 people to the Mac.

Recently I have also become the unofficial helpdesk for Macs for my friends. More and more people asking me stuff.

The transition would be slow though I believe. There are still many things that can only be done on the Windows PC, and this is coming from a person who program on both Mac and Windows. The tipping point has been reached however, and the question is more of when will it happen. Good luck to the both of them.

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