Sunday, April 13, 2008

Why is there a food problem

Judging from the recent emphasis on the high food inflation in the world, I could only deduced one fact from this... The governments of the world are too money-faced!

Why? Food is the basis on why all of us work Using the name of "economic growth", many countries are not abandoning research into agriculture and focus more on "hotter" themes because they "earn more". They have the mentality that if I do not have it, I'll import it from some other countries. I'll not even bother trying. They take the easy way out! Now what happens if all the countries in the world think like that? Result is the situation we have today.

I realised in the world today, many easily losing sight of the initial goal or objective. For example, in many projects I see, it always come with a project scope, objective and schedule. Later on, somehow it will evolved into a big monster, and the original scope and objective is totally lost. Later they will say that things move fast, things are always changing etc. Is it really so? Or has the project stakeholders lost sight of the original objective of the project, and do not know that all the latest themes that they are chasing actually moves them away from the original objective?

Back into perspective, I feel the governments now are too money-faced, chasing after the hottest themes, and not realising that there is a "circle of life". The objective of this "circle" is survival. To survive, we need food. The main objective is to feed the people. A "circle" of activity is thus formed, which revolves around the original objective. Now, arable land has become infertile, pollution has gone up, world is getting hotter. All in the name of what?? Money?? What is money used for? To feed ourselves. Money is worthless if we cannot feed ourselves!

Very soon, the world governments will find out that as a result of their actions, the world's arable land will be significantly reduced, water will be covering more than 2/3 of the world, and all those hot themes that they are chasing will be worthless because it does not fit into the "circle", which is survival. Food!

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