Sunday, August 19, 2007

Whew... 1 performance down.

Whew... This has been a real busy week. Somehow, I managed to pull-off the performance yesterday. We played Anime Medley and Prince of Egypt. I got most of my parts correct, considering that I did not look at the score for a month. Does that mean that my playing improved? Or its just my memory? Oh well...

I had a slight scare though. The soloist got mobolized yesterday, and everyone was staring at me after that. I told them good luck. :D Luckily the soloist came back and said that he had 8hours to report back so he continued. Whewwwww. At least something went right this week.

Got a score. Impressions of Japan. Weird piece. C Major, but with so many flats. Hmmm... Guess I have to find time to take a look later. Busy busy busy... Just because of 2 trips I made. Things really pile up fast.

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