Sunday, August 19, 2007

IT is dying?

When I was on-site doing some support, I met one of my old friends in the university. He told me he is becoming a teacher, and quiting IT altogether.

This is the trend now, and has been persisting since 2003. Does that mean IT is dying in Singapore? IT has been one of the most mis-treated groups in Singapore. Problems come and we are the ones at fault. Everything runs smoothly, no words of encouragement or increments. No wonder most has left, and most become teachers.

That's the problem with Singapore. Yes... You're cutting costs due to the competition in the global economy. However, your requirements should also moderate. This is the norm in the US, but over here, it's like treating IT personnel as second-class citizens. Continue this treatment and you'll find that no one will maintain your IT systems. You can have all the infrastructure in place, but with no one writing the software, its as good as heavy paper weights.

One thing I realized here is that the customers here doesn't seem to understand that time IS money. And time is worth much more than any products. You delay the project, there will be costs over-runs. Projects delay and people still go on holiday?

Oh well... I wonder how long I can last in this kind of environment. Back in 1997, we are treasured and appreciated. Now?

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